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The "AEF Center" is a group of companies, established in 1997 dealing in various spheres of services in Armenia, Georgia, Russia, USA, Spain and other countries.

Our new company "AEF Partners", located in the United Arabian Emirates offers creamy fruit Ice Sorbet - the product that has been accepted and becomes favoritein North American, Japanese, and European markets.

The Ice Sorbet comes in its own natural fruit shell. Pineapples, lemons, oranges, coconuts and apples are cored out, leaving just the shell, which is then filled with premium fruit sorbet.

Originally made from pure mountain ice infused with fruits and milks, sorbet has become widely known as a refreshing low fat alternative to other substantial desserts.

The Indian Ocean's exotic, palm covered islands, have a subtropical climate with light rain throughout the year - perfect place where the luscious fruits are grown which are subsequently turned into the most delicious and unique Sorbet deserts manufactured inSouth African Republic.

The processing equipment was designed and installed, and is maintained, in accordance with international food safety standards. The plant is compliant with food safety requirements for all international standards, including ISO 22000:2005, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standard and the International Food Standard (IFS). On behalf of Costco, the plant is audited by The SGS Group, the global leader in inspection, verification, testing and certification services. Maintaining a strong HACCP program and updating operations regularly makes it possible to meet international requirements regarding agricultural chemicals, full traceability of products, “from fork to farmer,” and correct packaging format and food labeling.

Professionally trained staff follow strict hygienic procedures. The plant has positive-pressure filtered air, metal detectors and equipment of modern production.
Premises with the 55,000 square feet and an 11,000 square-feet storage freezer has a possibility to produce 400 40-feet containers per year and there is plenty of room for expansion.

Nestled in natural fruit shells, these sorbets contain no preservatives or colorants, maintaining our commitment to a healthy lifestyle and are individually packaged for convenience.

There are several choices of retail multi-packs with foodservice and custom packs are also available.

Each individual sorbet has a smooth, luscious flavor that is both refreshing and calorie conscious! As you savor these handmade delicacies, let your mind wander to a place so relaxed!

Address:   Ajman Free Zone, Tower A-1, Office No. 420, Ajman - UAE
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  +971 525 917 904