The most common misperception is that the different types of tea come from different tea plants. Black, Green and Oolong teas are all derived from the Camellia sinensis evergreen plant. The difference comes from how the plant is processed. Common processing terms are withering, rolling, oxidation, and drying or firing.

The most common misperception is that the different types of tea come from different tea plants. Black, Green and Oolong teas are all derived from the Camellia sinensis evergreen plant. The difference comes from how the plant is processed. Common processing terms are withering, rolling, oxidation, and drying or firing.

Newly picked leaves are thinly spread to dry during this process Heated air is forced over the leaves if the climate is not suitable. The main goal of this process is to reduce the water content. By the end of withering, the leaves should be pliable enough to be rolled.

From the withering racks, the leaves are now twisted and rolled so that the leaf cells are broken up. Sometimes shaking is done as well. Oils are released with this rolling process that gives the tea its distinctive aroma. The leaves can be rolled by machines or by hand. The juices that are released remain on the leaf, a bio-chemical change will occur shortly.

This is a bio-chemical process where oxygen is absorbed. It begins once the leaf membranes are broken during the rolling process. Oxidation causes the leaves to turn bright copper in color. This process determines whether we have Green, Oolong or Black tea.

Drying or Firing
During this stage the leaves are dried evenly and thoroughly without being burnt. Firing the leaves stops the oxidation process.

Black tea benefits our health and well-being more than we are aware of. As you drink your cup of tea it is probably very seldom that you think about the benefits of Black tea and how you actually benefit by consuming this beverage.

Black tea may help to lower cholesterol and prevent tooth decay. Cance blocker, virus filter, improves memory and decreases risk of stroke. May reduce damaging free radicals in the body, helps for digestion and weight loss.

200005 | Assam Dirial
Black Indian tea - a typical second flush Assam with a smooth, malty aroma and an intensive, exclusive infusion.

200017 | Ceylon Pettiagalla Op
Ceylon black tea with exquisite taste. Long wiry leaf, aromatic, flowery, golden yellow infusion. The plantation is situated at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters above sea level in the district of Balangoda.

200053 | China Golden Yunnan
The Yunnan region of China produces these luscious down-soft leaves that brew into a full-bodied rich black tea. The beautiful gold leaves give this tea its name.

200019 | China Pu Erh
Mild earth flavor, grown in the Yunnan province. "Red tea" with special fermentation. Smooth earthy taste.

200028 | Darjeeling Tea Of The Year
Aromatic tea with flowery taste. Excellent value for the price. Garden-packed. A tasty tea from the second flush period.

200027 | Darjeeling Queens Blend
Indian black tea-typical first flush tea with classic muscatel character. Picked from the spring crop. Fresh, flowery bouquet.

200036 | English Breakfast
Ceylon black tea a typical breakfast tea full-bodied and strong. This is typically enjoyed best with milk and sugar.

200253 | Kenya Kaimosi | New
Light premium African tea quality with many tips and a gentle touch of citrus.

200004 | Oriental Eve
It is a unique blend of black and green tea combined with natural strawberry and lemon flavor. Added to the richness of this tea is the colorful flower petal that enhances the value of this tea. Ingredients: Black tea, green tea, lemon liquid strawberry liquid, corn flower blossoms, marigold flower, rose petals

200152 | Wild Cherry
Flavored black tea. Fruity mix with a slightly tart wild cherry taste. Ingredients: Indian black tea, cherry bits, natural flavoring

200035 | Earl Grey Special
Flavored Ceylon black tea. Full-bodied black tea blends with fresh bergamot characteristics with a hint of citrus aroma. Ingredients: Ceylon black tea, sunflower hips, cornflower, blackberry leaves, flavor

200048 | Ginger Twist
Pure Ceylon tea blended together with natural ginger flavor is an exhilarating drink. The sharp aromatic taste combined with a full-bodied tea will leave a lasting taste. Ingredients: Ceylon black tea, ginger liquid, ginger pieces

200213 | Black Saffron | New
Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world; neverthe-less, it is well worth adding to your tea for an amber-colored, health-inducing, flowery experience. Ingredients: Ceylon black tea, saffron

200110 | Marsala Chai
Flavored blend of black tea and spices. Aromatic taste with the slight spiciness of ginger. Ingredients: Indian black tea, ginger, citrus peels, all spice, cardamom, pink pepper, flavor, cloves, star anise, nutmeg

200121 | Pomegranate- Raspberry
Flavored blend of black tea and fruits. A trendy flavor mix of pomegranates, goji and sea buckthorn berries with a juicy raspberry taste, accentuated with a gentle touch of guarana.

Ingredients: Indian black tea, rosehip peels, hibiscus flavor, goji berries, raspberry bits, guarana seed, pomegranate blossoms, sea buckthorn berries, and corn-flower petals

May get you feel easy from depression, stress and tension, has antioxidant properties, Improves digestion and reduces fever. May relieve diarrhea, lower cholesterol level and help prevent tooth decay. “Tea’s proper use is to amuse the idle, and relax the studious, and dilute the full meals of those who cannot use exercise, and will not use abstinence.”

200147 | Triple Yellow Chrysanthemum
This tea softly broadens into a radiant globe of white tea when bathed in hot water. A spring white chrysanthemum resides in the heart of this premium white tea.

200092 | Jasmine Lily
Tender hand picked white tea is crowned by delicate and bright pink amaranth flower. The dancing petals open as sweet jasmine scents this captivating elixir.

200127 | Red Carnation
Delicate silver needle white tea leaves are hand sewn around a bright red flower bud. The spring buds, infused in water, expand into a round blossom.

200117 | Osmanthus Lily
Arrangement of superb white tea and stunning flowers. When steeped, sprinkles of Osmanthus petals surface an orange Lily blossoms, a mesmeriz- ing display. This translucent liquor imparts a velvety sweet apricot flavour.

200086 | Hong Mu Dan
Finest golden-tipped black tea leaves unravel, lifting up like the Spires of a cathedral. The sensual amber-coloured liquor with Premium taste. This nourishing pot is a simple daily tonic.

200088 | Jade Bamboo
This premium green tea unfolds into an array of wild petals. The gentle swaying leaves impart a subtle earthly flavour. Pleasing savoury in taste. It's a totally natural drink with no artificial additives.

200109 | Marigold Garden
This is hand picked white tea crowned by a delicate and bright yellow Marigold flower. In hot water Marigold Garden turns into a globe shape with mellow and nutty flavor and hints of floral sweetness.

200021 | China Clun Mee
Chinese green tea with curly leaves, pale infusion with an agreeable dry flavor.

200065 | China Green Yunnan
The southern part of Yunnan is a mountainous area; fine tea buds from high mountains are used as raw material to prepare for the Green Yunnan.

200135 | Green Snail
A world famous Chinede tea. Look closely and you will see what appear to be small snails. These tiny hair-covered spirals contain only the bud and one leaf. The bushes are grown near to peach and apricot trees, which lend slightly fruity liguor to the already sweet and smooth infusion.

200033 | Dragon Pearl
Premium Chinese green tea. This fragrant and rare hend-rolled green tea, unfurls to release a smooth-bodied taste with sweetness. Good for multiple infusions. This is a perfect morning and afternoon tea.

200077 | Gunpowder | New
This Chinese Green tea is famous for the unique leaf shape, said to resemble 18th century gunpow-der pellets. Once in the cup, the pellets open up into large olive green leaves.

200153 | Yin Hao | New
This exceptional scented Yin Hao starts with a very flavorful green tea. For seven nights, fresh Jasmine flowers are layered into the tea. The dry tea leaves steal the floral essence and preserve it for your pleasure.

200184 | China Green Snow | New
Superior quality green tea. Buds Kissed with Snow is one of our most classical China green teas - verging on a white tea. Steamed green tea and handmade snow buds. Very light infusion with exquisite fresh green tea character.

200252 | Silver Tips | New
Permium Green Silver Tips are the small, unopened leaves of the tea plant. These tips are also commonly known as "buds". They are considered to be better quality than the larger, older leaves of the plant and cost more due to their heightened harvest/production cost. When a tes has many tips, it is called "tippy"

200090 | Japanese Sencha
Dark green, long and delicate leaf. A well-balanced tea of good medium quality with fresh fine tart flavor and gives golden infusion.

Hand tied flowering teas which blossom in your glass pot. AEF Partners offers a selection of tea bulbs that surprisingly expand in unique blossom styles. Our seven delicate flavors upgrade your drinking experience with exotic tea bulbs that turn to a delicate flower with slightly bitter or pleasantly fresh character when bathed in hot water. Don't miss it out - mind a totally new gift idea.

The Green tea's benefits in a human body are so remarkable that it is believed that the key to a longer and healthier life may just be brewing in your cup! Yoo will discover how green tea can help you achieve superior health! This is because it has a wonderful effect on every aspect of the human body.

Gold is a valued element that represents perfection in all matter. It is a symbol of immutability and eternity. Silver represents awareness, clarity, and vision because of its bright and clear appearance. It is a symbol of subtle strength.

Gold Tea promotes relaxation to your nerves, might help to relieve your pain and stress, improve skin conditions and ease insomnia. Silver Teas will better your defense against germs, viruses, bacteria and allergens, and it promotes healing throughout the entire body.

A luxurious addition that will bring a new experience of prestige to a healthy lifestyle. We are proud to introduce our new collection of precious gold and silver tea.

200231 | Golden Coast
Black tea leaf blended with 22K golden plated tea and cocoa kernels. Ingredients: Tea, cocoa kernels, candied tea leaves (tea, sugar, coloring real 22 carat gold leaf [1,3%]) vanilla bits, flavor

200233 | Golden Rose
Blend of black tea, flowers and 22K gold coated tea leaves. Ingredients: Tea rose buds, black currants, Aronia juice concentrate, candied tea leaves (tea, sugar, coloring real 22 carat gold leaf [1, 3%]), rose petals, fiavor, and cornflower petals

200232 | Blue Silver Night
Blend of oolong tea with silver coated leaves, herbs, berries. Ingredients: Tea, cranberries (cranberries, sugar, sunflower oil), candied tea leaves (tea, sugar, coloring real silver leaf [1, 3 %]), guarana seed, dandelion root, blueberries, sweet grass, flavor, cornflower petals

200230 | Silver Garden
Blend of tea with silver coated tea leaves and flowers petals. Ingredients: Tea, candied tea leaves (tea, sugar, coloring real silver leaf [1, 3%]), elderflowers, flavor cornflower petals

Though the vast spectrum of green teas can range in flavors from delicately floral to beguilingly vegetal, from fruity to earthy and back again, that hasn’t kept tea blenders from the temptation to enhance.

200094 | Green Jasmine
Aromatic and tenderly flavored green tea with a gentle hint of Jasmine. Fusing the finest hand-picked teas from the high-elevation gardens.

200093 | Jasmine Pearls
This special tea is traditionally hand-rolled since over 100 years. It stands out by its wonderful jasmine flavor.

200107 | Magnolia Green
Light green tea, gentle in taste, with an intense scent of magnolia. This tea is naturally flavored with Magnolia blossoms.

200058 | China Green Rose
Rose green tea is created using delicious and healthy green tea with rose petals. The flavor and aroma of this tea is mesmerizing. Ingredients: Pure green tea, rose petals

200022 | Cinnamon Star
Flavored blend of green tea and spices. The spicy taste of cinnamon and cloves refined with finest vanilla. Ingredients: Tea, citrus peels, flavor, rose petals, chopped almonds, cloves, vanilla bits, cardamom

200054 | Good Morning
This fragrant and rare hand-rolled green tea unfurls to release a smooth-bodied taste with sweetness. Good for multiple infusions. This is a perfect morning and afternoon tea. Ingredients: Chinese green tea, flavor, sunflower petals, rose petals, cornflower petal

200050 | Ginkgo
Flavored green tea. Finest ginkgo with refined taste of orange and cream. Ingredients: Chinese green tea, ginkgo leaves, orange petal, flavor

200136 | South Sea Pearl
Flavored blend of green tea and fruits. The sweetness of summer sun-ripened flavored blend of green pineapple completed with the exotic taste of passion fruit and mango. Ingredients: Chinese green tea, pineapple bits (pineapple, sugar), mango bits (mango, sugar), orange petals, rose petals

200129 | Rice Mini Tuocha
Large leaf green tea from a Yunnan Province. Steamed and then pressed together into a small bowl-shaped form with a mild roasted flavor of rice.

200052 | Goji Acai | New
Flavored blend of green tea and fruits. Fruity and refreshing with taste of oriental goji berries and flavor of Amazon Acai fruit. Ingredients: Green tea, karkady, rosehip peels, apple bits, goji berries, flavor, raspberry bits, pomegranate blossoms, acai fruit powder

200235 | Nashi Pear | New
Naturally flavored blend of white tea, green tea and fruits-selected taste experience of fully ripe pear bits combined with Mao Feng White and Sencha Green teas. Ingredients: Tea, pineapple bits (pineapple, sugar, citric acid (acidifier)), apple bits, rosehip peels, natural flavor, pear bits, tea blossoms, cornflower petals

200228 | Oregano Green | New
Blend of green tea, fruit bits and oregano. A real taste experience for every palate - fruity apple combined with light spiciness of oregano. Ingredients: Chinese green tea, apple bits, oregano, flavor, sunflower petals

200229 | Oregano/Date | New
Blend of green tea, fruit bits and oregano. Chinese green tea is harmoniously complemented by the taste of date and apples makes up exclusivity of this mélange. Ingredients: Tea, apple bits, date bits with separat-ing agent rice flour, oregano, flavor, sunflower petals

200095 |Jazzy Mint
This blend of Japanese leaf tea is a unique combina-tion of two of the most energizing natural fruits. The taste of Mint will leave a lasting freshness in your palate and a touch of Lemon flavor will act as an ideal companion. Ideal to drink in the morning, as it will help you keep refreshed throughout the day. Ingredients: Japanese Sencha leaf tea, lemon peels, lemon pieces, mint liquid flavor

200099 | Le Touareg
Natural Gunpowder green with nana mint. Cooling mint makes this Gunpowder a real burst of freshness. Ingredients: Pure green tea, nana mint

200056 | Lemon Fresh
Flavored Ceylon green tea with yoghurt-lemon taste. Ingredients: Green tea, natural flavor, sunflower petals, citrus peels

Every pyramid tea bag makes pot of 0.4 l- 0.6 l of delicious tea. AEF Partners Pyramid bags available now in a range of 15 types from black teas to herbal infusions.

200196 | Ceylon Pettiagala
Pure Ceylon black tea, OP.

200195 | English Breakfast
Typical breakfast tea full-bodied and strong.

200199 | Earl Grey Special
Flavored black tea with fresh bergamot characteristics with a hint of citrus aroma. 200193 | Oriental Eve
Unique blend of black and green tea combined with natural strawberry and lemon flavor.

200194 | Ginger Twist
Pure Ceylon tea blended with natural ginger flavor.

200192 | Wild Cherry
Flavored black tea fruity mix with a slightly tart wild cherry taste.

200276 | Marsala Chai
Flavored blend of black tea and spices. Aromatic taste with the slight spiciness of ginger.

200189 | Green Tea
Pure Chinese green tea.

is the shape of AEF Partners Tea bag

We chose to focus on the hottest trend in teabags of the moment-pyramid shapes made with silky, food-grade nylon materials, with no glue or staples, that can deliver a brewed whole leaf tea, fruit, flowers and herbs.

The oversized pyramid shape allows the tea leaves to expand unrestricted, ensuring the convenience of a tea bag without compromis-ing the flavor and benefit of tea.

200278 | Japan Sencha
This premium Sencha is characterized by its special soft and pleasant taste. Dark green, short leaf carefully produced.

200188 | Green Jasmine
Aromatic Green Tea with a gentle hint of Jasmine.

200191 | Jazzy Mint
Blend of Japanese green leaf tea, lemon bits and mint. Ideal for Moroccan blend.

200190 | South Sea Pearl
Flavored blend of green tea and fruits with exotic taste of passion fruit and mango.

200198 | Morning Star
Naturally flavored blend of fresh peppermint refined with a taste of grapefruit.

200277 | Chamomile
Our chamomile is characterized by a high percent- age of essential oil resulting in an intense yellow infusion.

200197 | Strawberry-Kiwi
Flavored fruit mélange with strawberry and kiwi bits.

White tea is gram per gram one of the most expensive type of tea in the market. Beside the extreme care that goes into white tea production, White Tea benefits ones' health in a multitude of ways and is probably one of the healthiest types of tea.

Rooibos Tea has been cultivated for centuries in the African region, but publications have recently helped spark an international craze. The history of this tea is as interesting as the taste; it is used by adults and children because of its many health benefits. Because it contains a high level of anti-oxidants, it is caffeine-free and has low levels of tannin. It is better to use loose leaves when preparing Rooibos tea.

Has soothing effect on central nervous system, strongly recommended for people with insomnia, hypertension, mild depression, headaches. Rich in antioxidants, that boosts immune system, calorie- free, helpful for digestive problems like heartburn, stomach ulcers and constipation, anti-allergic property, natural daily source of several minerals

Natural herbs and spices are used in many of our herbal blends. As a side note, strictly speaking, herbal blends are not teas at all. That simply because they do not stem from tea bushes. But even if they officially called product "similar to tea", herbal blends offer a splendid variety of flavors through new combinations of selected fruits, leaves, blossoms and petals

Fruit mélanges are one of the best “inventions” of the 1970s. Made of dried fruits, berries, petals etc, they do not contain sugar and are caffeine free. This makes them very easy to digest. Thy can be enjoyed at any time and are also suitable for children and people sensitive to caffeine.

We offer the vast assortment of high quality mugs and cups, tea pots and whole sets, warmers and tins. To create our assortment we imply the latest trends not only from daily life but also from fashion and design.

There are many opportunities to surprise all kind of people with delicate teas and lovely accessories. This has become our inspiration and we proudly present it to you.

“Serving tea shows exquisite taste, because tea makes people sociable and polite, it is both stimulating and modest" John Galsworthy

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